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Understanding: We understand that redefining relationship agreements, when they are no longer working, is one of the most difficult processes that humans have to undertake.


Mediation:  Whether it is renegotiating a marriage agreement, deciding upon separation or divorce, crafting a divorce agreement, or renegotiating a parenting plan, we can assist you.


 Support: We know that dispute resolution can be handled in a kind and growth producing way to the benefit of everyone involved.  We provide a peaceful environment and an opportunity for our clients to:

  • gain clarity about their options
  • resolve conflicts
  • renegotiate relationships and agreements
  • obtain referrals to compassionate counsel from holistic attorneys, if needed


Compassion: Instead of the more traditional adversarial and expensive legal process, where people often experience a lack of control over the outcome, we offer an alternative.  We believe that determining how to transform or end a relationship, while never easy, can be handled in a kind and growth producing way.  We have experienced that making decisions in an atmosphere of care, clarity, and concern enables people to craft solutions to their disputes in a way that benefits everyone involved.